Sunday, March 18, 2012

18/3/2012 An inspired mind with all of sudden

It's already about half a year I did not update my blog..
Well, It's kind of a trend during my time in secondary school..
But now, people are more prefering facebook than stopping by to see some daily posted blog..

Now, I'm currently in semester 4 of uni life..
Time passed fast, like nobody cares..
And now, we are 22 years old..
Well, I should be starting to work and earn some money for now.. instead of studying for degree courses..
Seeing people getting on their working pathway, it does really what we think of..
Working over shift, getting low salary payment, rushing for deadline work, etc etc..
Human always rush in everything.. Work, Study, Eating meal during lunch time..
And they never get satisfied with current life..
That's why life is getting harder..

Anyway, I do hope finish my degree that time won't be late to kick start my own career pathway and get the 1st official salary payment.. =)
I'll promise myself to get a good job in future..

Different people do have their own different perspective..
Assuming each couple to live happily ever after is not possible, yet it is possible as well..
Sometimes, we do not know what we going to happen, what we do to let it happen, and what we should not do to not let go..
So, besides trustworthy and believe, how we maintain the relationship is more important than everything..
Guess sometimes in our life, we also don't know how to maintain it right? =)
Still looking forward, believe, and love ourselves more than anyone love us.. definitely will be fine in everything..

*Do not expect people to give you love, if you don't even start to love yourself more..* XD

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Big Bang!!

No.. definitely not about the chemistry big bang theory or smthg related to science theory...

It is a group of korean artist i love lately!
Name : Big Bang
Group members : G-Dragon (Leader) , TOP , TaeYang , SeungRi and Dae Sung

Well, since i heard the latest song 'Love Song', I started to get addicted on them! haha.. This is my 1st time such fall in love with korean artist.. well.. FYI.. im not a person who love korean artist all the way.. This is a FATE! to make me fall in love with them! haha Thanks to my senior who is one of the TOP's fans.. haha.. She get me along by introducing me some songs of Big Bang and gossip with me about their things.. hahaha

I know it is ridiculous and crazee about tis.. But, its worth.. Their songs.. quite nice and good!
Summore impressive is that, G-Dragon, the leader of the group, already entered YG Entertainment since 12 yrs old! Wow~ Quite hard and tiring for a kid to maintain such good and impressive improvement until now..

Another thing is, they just same age with us. The oldest also about.. Hmm.. 23 or 24 yrs old? hahaa.. So young neh~ sighs.. So envy about them.. although im jux a new 'kaki' or fans for them, but hope that they reli bring a lot more nice songs to us.

Love Big Bang! ^^

G-Dragon (Leader)

TaeYang (Solo) -Vocalist

TOP - Rapper

DaeSung - Vocalist

SeungRi - Vocalist

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The ending of Semester 2 of 2010/2011.

Gosh.. I really really really lazy to update my blog since n years ago. Whack me out!

I am wondering whether i should just close this blogspot. Everytime there is bad situation , i feel like no where else to express but just let it faded away by time. I dont remember i have a blogspot and i can mention it on here. Guess that im the only person do so.

Awww.. Semester 2 is a hard time though. Once finished my chinese new year break. The war is like never ends with reports and study. Test 1 and Test 2 came consequently all the way and it never stops by but keep saying Hello Im bak! >.< .. Pek cheknya~

Well.. This year of 2011. is a year im officially 21 years old. Suppose to be a great year i think.. but it doesnt expected like i do or wish to. Staying far from home making me sick all the time, especially thought of mum and dad and my 2 brothers. It is undeniable that is hard to make new friends and maintain a good friendship with new friends than old friends now. Ever since i entered this uni, im becoming more introvert and less active in co-curriculum. It doesnt like the old secondary school feeling anymore. New friends here some does well-attitude and good, but there are bad as well, with bad attitude and behaviours. should i say 人生百态?. For example, a person with stingy attitude and self-centred. He/She do what she thinks is the right and benefits to herself and show an attitude that 'I dont care it finished or not, I just do it for my own'. That's all. Full-stop. More ridiculous thing is, they able to backstab a person in front of us, while be friends with the person they backstabbed. OMG! But somehow, I have got to be alert all the time when talking in front of them to make sure no offends.

Anyway, my year 1 life in uni is ending after this final examination. Next sem will be my new challenges as the schedule is going packed and fulled with co-curriculum. Gosh, Time passes fast! I dont want to waste any precious time with my family and old friends as well. Lurve u all all the time.

p/s: rachel is still rachel. Dont worry! ^^ Aza aza fighting!

Saturday, February 19, 2011











Monday, November 1, 2010

1st November 2010

It is really a time traveller for my uni life..
Remembered on july, I just a little degree girl that entered UTM (University of Technology Malaysia)..
Once blinked my eyes, its november!
Awwwhh.. time really passed by like flowing water..
Well, during this few months, im away from home. Its definitely for me to miss my dear sweet home and family.
On this month, I will facing my final of Semester I for my course.. After that, my Sem 1 ends and Sem 2 comes! Omg.. why so fast? I don want to be such fast!
This indirectly prove that Im getting old! swt til the max..
lolx.. well.. hope i can do well in sem 1.. yet.. i stil reluctant to touch the books.. so so reluctant and lazy... Oh gosh.. better start to pick up my playful mind and get full strength and attention on study!
4 papers of examination.. Principle Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Mathematics, TITAS... I better win you 4 to exchange a good 1 month holiday and a better life in Semester 2.. hahahhahaa..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

After raya..

This 2 weeks raya break.. I've used it completely with fun and outings... ^^
Not only with my family.. STK schoolmates.. old buddies.. but oso my 9 gang pal as well..

I had done so so many activities ... karaoke.. movies.. steamboat buffet.. BBQ.. Pantai Remis 2D1N... Genting... Makan makan... Bak Kut Teh... Dimsum.. Restaurant dinner.. mamak.. bowling~~~ so so much.. ^^

Yet.. it is really not enough time for me to rest enough... i haven done many things... my revision.. shopping.. trips... how wish i can have enough time to do so..

Lolx.. Summore.. Gain weight d!! ish.. wat a bad thing.. Keep eating making my weight gain but not lose... Aiks.. i think start from now on in uni gona keep my diet well d.. ^^

One more thing.. I managed to learn bake cookies before i back to uni.. hahaha.. thanks to Michelle Tan which willing to fetch us to JJ to buy the ingredients... well.. this is the first time we bake.. and oso last time.. for them la.. hahaha... cox.. its kinda tiring to repeat the steps and wait for the cookies to well-bake... Yet, it is a nice experience baking with u all.. muacks... next time.. better we learn other else.. baking and be a good housewife.. isnt our 1st priorty to be.. rite?.. ahhahahha

Aiks.. back to UTM.. is kinda like back to jail... everyday repeat the same things.. work.. and jobs.. its tiring.. but.. i will try to solve it soon enough.. advice myself to be independent!! aza aza!!! kar yao!!!!!!! ^^.. thats all for this time..

p/s: Everyone who see this blog post.. everyone i knew... meet u all on december ya!!! Don forget.. ^^

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Raya Holiday means Back To HOMETOWN!!


Lolx.. i guess.. im the only one who so eager to back to my dear hometown - Klang although i just went back last month..

Well.. this time i have my 2 weeks break for raya celebration.. that's why im so happy to back here and sleep at my own sweet bed..

A Uni Life... some sort like been moved outside alone and work there for months.. leaving my own hometown away like around 400km?... is a far journey though.. yet im not regreting to study there at Skudai, Johor. It gave me a chance to live independently.. to learn myself and to built myself mentally and physically.. although i always spent my time on washing the clothes.. my bedsheet.. waiting bus to go study.. etc etc.. all these had proven myself i will survived even though im outside alone.. without my mum's help and dad's protection.. Without a car in Johor, is really a suffer matter as the university's bus is not punctual in time espcially on saturday and sunday.. so that is the matter i dislike to go shopping on weekends.. the taxi drivers here.. aiks.. 1 word to mention : non-intergrity... even a uni students oso been bullied for extra pay whenever u are alone taking for a ride.. So, there goes reality stands for..
Self protection is a necessary matter in order to live in real society..

FYI, im so happy that my maths paper had passed quite well which 22/30.. Yet.. there comes a shocked news that.. my lecturer decided to close the 'case' internally and asked us retake the test!! wth... i really speechless when the lec told us so.. i wonder izit this called as uni life?... mum and dad shocked when i told them about this..
This is a good lesson that let us know that uni life.. is like that ~ 'simple'.. 'easy'... & complicated.. Arghh.. it is ridiculous enough....

Anyway.. I enjoyed my holiday with a fully packed schedule.. hahaha.. since saturday.. i had my outings with my bunch of school classmates.. my old 9 gang.. and ex-schoolmates.. its quite fun and memorable that we can hang out together again... KP.. station 1.. Aeon Bukit Tinggi.. Neway Centro.. BBK Jusco.. are good places to hang.. although i had went for years.. ^^..

Well.. i guessed.. i will be miss all of these again when i back to Uni.. haha.. Do remember.. hanging out with you all.. is the best thing i ever had.. ^^ Love ya guys.. Muacks!